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  • How to make your summer internship a success

    How to make your summer internship a success

    A few weeks ago, TransLoc’s interns started work. Each year, TransLoc hires a handful of interns across departments to help us tackle projects and help them gain work experience. We take onboarding seriously here at TransLoc, even for our interns. They are welcomed with balloons, company swag, and approximately five pounds of their favorite candy. […]


  • The intersection of transit and diversity

    The intersection of transit and diversity

    In March, I chaperoned my daughter’s third-grade class on a walking and public transit field trip to explore economic development in downtown Durham.  As a working parent, I don’t get to attend as many school day events as I would like.  But, beyond the obvious connection of this trip to my work in transit, this […]

  • High Intensity Interval Training for the Community

    One of the great joys in life is volunteering in the community with your children.  Children are impressionable and exposing them now to the benefits of volunteering will pay dividends down the road.  The trick is to find volunteering that will hold their interest.  Enter High Intensity Interval Training for the community. With three kids, […]

  • Above the clouds

    Above the clouds

    It was one of those days where you’re not sure whether you should be flying or not. It was midday, but the sky was dark, the rain is falling, and the wind was howling. You just have to trust that your pilot has been through this before and can handle it. We push back from […]

  • The humanity beneath your Uber driver’s star rating

    The humanity beneath your Uber driver’s star rating

    “How’s business?” “I’m not talking to customers today.” Well, this is getting interesting. I persisted. “What’s going on?” “Some guy gave me 2 stars yesterday.  And I drove for 13 hours yesterday and made $37.” When I booked my Uber on my way to the Houston airport, I noticed the driver–Anne–had 4.7 stars out of […]

  • Architecture Inside Out

    Architecture Inside Out

    I’ve loved architecture for as long as I can remember.  In high school math class, in the height of irony, I sketched baseball stadiums on my graph paper when I should have been paying attention to the information needed to become an actual architect.  And I devour those coffee table books bookstores always have on […]

  • Cheapest Marriage Advice Ever

    Cheapest Marriage Advice Ever

    And it’s not what you think. Sure, spending more time talking or cuddling with your spouse is important but I do that already. So what’s the best way to deal with the inevitable frustrations that come from being married, managing a household,and raising children? The simple way that my wife and I dealt with that […]

  • A reading/writing ritual

    I love to read books.  And yet I’m often distracted by the siren song of my iPad and its candy-coated delivery of snarky sports websites and boring email. And I love to write.  And yet I’m often paralyzed by my ability to develop an idea fully or what others may think of it, so it […]

  • New Year, New Hike

    Count me among those who find New Year’s resolutions tiresome.  People who make a big deal out of them in January almost invariably don’t mention them by December.  Maybe the word resolution has too much baggage.  Or maybe it seems most people who make resolutions are trying to make wholesale changes in their lives, which […]

  • On authenticity

    I’ve conducted 26 interviews over the past two weeks and helped three of my sales colleagues on major presentations to prospects.  And one theme that emerged was an overall lack of authenticity. Our authentic selves are so much more powerful than the packaged ones that we force ourselves to wear prior to that big job […]

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