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  • Intro to My Influencers: Clayton Christensen

    Intro to My Influencers: Clayton Christensen

    Author’s note: A while ago, when I began my coaching business, I started making a list of those people that influenced me. But a list alone isn’t compelling enough so I wanted to do a deeper dive into each of my influences to share HOW they influenced me, my personal development, and my coaching. Enjoy! The […]


  • How you can learn to love negotiations

    When I started at TransLoc in 2008, I was the only business person on a team full of engineers.  It remained that way for four more years as we continued to devote resources to the technical side of the house.   And while I did my best to learn from others in similar positions, with few […]

  • Kicking the Hopium Habit

    When my daughter was just shy of two years old, my wife and I were faced with a decision: to take away her pacifier—and endure a week of interrupted sleep as she cried her way to a pacifier-free world—or hope she would swear off her pacifier on her own, thereby preserving our well-earned sleep. It […]

  • Excellent customer service at a hospital? Yes.

    Recently, my wife and I spent six nights in the hospital with our newborn son who was admitted for a respiratory infection.  Thankfully, we brought him home, healthy, a few days ago.  We also brought home an overwhelmingly positive view of our experiences with all of those we encountered at the NC Children’s Hospital, part […]