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  • Hopes and Dreams

    Hopes and Dreams

    One of our family’s coping mechanisms during this pandemic has been our regular ritual of determining each family member’s hope and dream for the weekend. We each choose one thing to add to our often-lengthy chore and to-do list and, then, as a family, we do our best to make that hope and dream come […]


  • Kicking the Hopium Habit

    When my daughter was just shy of two years old, my wife and I were faced with a decision: to take away her pacifier—and endure a week of interrupted sleep as she cried her way to a pacifier-free world—or hope she would swear off her pacifier on her own, thereby preserving our well-earned sleep. It […]

  • How to make your summer internship a success

    How to make your summer internship a success

    A few weeks ago, TransLoc’s interns started work. Each year, TransLoc hires a handful of interns across departments to help us tackle projects and help them gain work experience. We take onboarding seriously here at TransLoc, even for our interns. They are welcomed with balloons, company swag, and approximately five pounds of their favorite candy. […]

  • The humanity beneath your Uber driver’s star rating

    The humanity beneath your Uber driver’s star rating

    “How’s business?” “I’m not talking to customers today.” Well, this is getting interesting. I persisted. “What’s going on?” “Some guy gave me 2 stars yesterday.  And I drove for 13 hours yesterday and made $37.” When I booked my Uber on my way to the Houston airport, I noticed the driver–Anne–had 4.7 stars out of […]

  • On authenticity

    I’ve conducted 26 interviews over the past two weeks and helped three of my sales colleagues on major presentations to prospects.  And one theme that emerged was an overall lack of authenticity. Our authentic selves are so much more powerful than the packaged ones that we force ourselves to wear prior to that big job […]

  • Why MBAs Suck at Networking

    MBA students and alumni may have the most to gain from networking, but most of them suck at it. Why? My own business school and professional experience has shown me four reasons MBAs suck at networking. They don’t do it: Many MBAs don’t think they need to network because they are going to a top […]

  • How to bomb an interview before you’ve started

    I’ve been working with several Master of Management Studies students from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business to help them prepare for the job search process.  Most of the students in this one-year program have recently graduated from college and have little to no work experience. Thus, these students have little experience interviewing for jobs.  That’s where alumni like […]

  • Why I’m an optimist

    I’m happy to see this recent research in the MIT Sloan Management Review that confirms one of my long-held beliefs about the power of optimism, especially in the job search.  Interestingly, I took part in this research when I was at Fuqua from 2005-2007. This research complements a recent blog post by Anthony Tjan in the Harvard […]